The OptiBroker Solution

OptiBroker improves the customers experience and insures a communication platform that assists the advisor in day to day running of a business , whilst maintaining compliance.

OptiBroker takes over the chase of documentation, which is requested at the click of a button. GDPR and other regulations are met without any input from the advisor, the responsibility to provide factual information is placed on the customer, freeing up the advisors the time advise.

Why Choose OptiBroker?

Document requests

Requesting documents and information can be achieved by an advisor in under one minute.The customer is provided with concise and simple instructions, allowing affective interaction between customer and advisor. The documents are reconciled against each request meaning customers and advisors can see at a glance, what is outstanding.

Time Saving

Hard facts are gathered with little or no advisor input. Documents are gathered or chased with little or no advisor input. The system creates an audit train for essential compliance documentation. The advisor can allocate access in under 30 seconds and request fact finds and documents in the other 30 seconds. Leaving the advisor time to advise and ensure conversations with the customer and personalised to the customer.

Document Creation

Once your client has filled their form out, we can generate documents based on pre-set template documents, which will then be uploaded straight to your clients portal, cutting out the hours of manually filling in letters and documents.

Ease of Use

We have spoken to over 100 users who had never used the system, who all said they could use it with no instruction.

Secure messaging system

Our system allows staff to client and staff to staff messaging, utilising notifications, to keep you connected.

Digital forms

We can create a personalised form for your business to gather data about your clients, giving you the ability to can accept and re-request data any point. A digital copy can be downloaded, once the form is completed.


Affordable to both small and big business. Buildable over time allowing companies the ability to budget, enhance and grow the system inline with their needs.

Safe and Secure

We are GDPR compliant, Document storage AS256 Encrypted, data isencrypted for transmission and decrypted for end user.

Automated Reminders

No need to chase clients up for outstanding documents, payments or forms, the system automates this for you with texts and emails.

Dedicated Personalised Databases

For next level scalability and security (servers in UK for GDPR). Gather the information you want and need to ensure the advice you give is the right advice.


Advisors can update clients, estate agents and solicitors in one click. This communication is encrypted and secure.


We identified that every company will have different requirements, so we built a modular microservice application, which enables us to give our clients the ability to build their own stack to meet their optimal process.

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