See The System

See The System

Well the standard industry go to is let us demonstrate the system for you and if you like this method we will be delighted to help. However, one of the things which the advisers insisted when we built your system is :

‘We want it so its easy to understand so anyone with no technical knowledge can operate the system without training.‘

So below is a few videos of us demonstrating the system should you just want to watch us do the work, however, also below is a link to allow us to send you the keys to the castle.

We accept its not your castle but never the less it can be. This system has only one adaptationin that we have added a chat functionality to allow you to webchat with one of us, to aid you in the process or to save you having to go to our online manual if you need assistance

The only tip we will give you , is imagine how you would process an enquiry through to sell

You have an Avatar who will guide you around the system and show you much of its functionality – these are only on the broker side – if you set yourself up as a customer then you will only see the firm avatar.

Important note: if you want to be adviser and customer at the same time you need different search engines ie google and edge – if you use one the cookies overlap each other on your computer .

Send me the keys top the castle